2005 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

Ford is one of the oldest and most prestigious car manufacturers in the USA. Founded in 1903 and headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, it played a key role in the development of the automobile and over the last century has sold millions of vehicles worldwide. Although rival automakers have emerged in Asia and Europe, Ford has maintained its dominance, so much so that it has been able to purchase stakes in and acquire some of these companies outright. Today Ford is heavily invested in research and development and as such is on the cutting edge of state of the art vehicular technology.

About 2005 Ford Taurus

The 2005 edition of the Ford Taurus has four doors and the ability to seat five passengers. It is classified as a sedan, and the SE variant is equipped with a six cylinder, 3 liter engine that is wedded to the automatic transmission which provides about twenty miles per gallon within cities (according to the EPA), and twenty seven miles per gallon on highways. Although the car is a gradual improvement over its predecessor but the design isn’t radically different.

Common 2005 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

Multiple owners have reported issues with their air conditioning. Investigations have discovered that the culprit is the compressor, specifically the refrigerant valve control. When the vehicle is idle, the A/C would blow out hot air, but once the Ford Taurus accelerates, it would suddenly start blowing out cold air again. Buying a replacement control valve was the solution in this case, and installation can be done with ease.

Other drivers have spoken of leaking water which occurred on the passenger side in front. Many suspected that it was the result of the blower resister, a component within the air conditioning that broke down, contributing to the leak. Others have stated that when attempting to turn the vehicle on and activate the A/C, they could hear an unusual knocking sound which coincided with a smell that was musty which came through the vents. The problem happens intermittently and mechanics have stated that the blower motor could be the culprit.

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