2001 Ford Expedition

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About Ford

Ford is considered by most automobile historians and pundits to be a pioneer when it comes to the design, manufacture and distribution of automobiles. In 1908 the company took the world by storm with the introduction of the Model T, an affordable car that allowed American middle class families for the first time to travel without having to rely on horses or wagons. It is considered the 20th century’s most influential vehicle, winning the Car of the Century award.

About 2001 Ford Expedition

The 2001 edition of the Ford Expedition was widely popular due to its powerful V8 engine and the ability to comfortably seat as many as nine passengers. It has 4 wheel drive and flexible seating which provides passengers with unmatched versatility. While more spacious than the Ford Explorer, it has greater maneuverability than the Ford Excursion.

Those who buy the Eddie Bauer version will get leather seating and a host of other luxury features. The third row is best for small children, while the vehicles soft suspension is superb at filtering out any unnecessary road vibration, making it more convenient to move over potholes or bumps. The engine is 5.4 liter and capable of providing robust acceleration, and the automatic transmission gives smooth shifting. The Expedition’s power steering is designed in such a way where it’s over assisted, meaning that it will be much easier for drivers to maneuver in parking lots that are crowded. A warning system ensures that when backing up the SUV doesn’t hit anything.

Common 2001 Ford Expedition A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported having problems with their 2001 Expedition. They used CO2 which was pressurized to discover a leak within the valve, which is situated near the hose fitting by the compressor. They replaced this valve and then vacuumed the A/C after which was filled with fresh R134a refrigerant. Although the system begin to cool, the compressor made the engine rev meaning that the system would hold the charge even when it was necessary to replace the compressor. This required the system to be evacuated and a new compressor to be installed.

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