GMC Acadia

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About GMC

GMC stands for General Motors Corporation and is the division which is best known for its production of heavier vehicles such as light duty and pickup trucks, SUVs and vans. Although the majority of these automobiles are similar mechanically, GMC also offers a number of luxury marquees such as the Denali and off-road vehicles like the Hummer. The division was first established in 1911 by William C. Durant and over the last century has established themselves as one of America’s top heavy duty vehicle manufacturers.

About GMC Acadia

The Acadia crossover is an SUV which was first introduced by GMC in 2006. The 1st generation utilized GM’s Lambda platform and aside from the U.S., it was also sold in Mexico and Canada. The success of the first generation led to the second being released in 2017, which had a number of updates. It was lighter in weight and offered configurations which could seat between five and seven passengers with dual bucket seats in front. Buyers also have the option of either a 3.6L or 2.5L engine, with an upgraded dual clutch AWD mechanism with redesigned lighting.

The fuel economy of the second generation Acadia is also superior to the first and it included a number of luxury features such as a steering wheel that was wrapped in leather, 20 inch wheels made from aluminum and the choice of multiple paint colors such as Dark Sapphire, Crimson Red Tintcoat or Midnight Amethyst.

Common GMC Acadia A/C Problems

A frequent A/C problem that is reported by drivers of the GMC Acadia is the cabin filter becoming dirty. This can become a real problem since a grimy filter will cause deterioration in the overall cooling, air flow and heating, while placing excessive strain in the air conditioning. This can negatively influence the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

To prevent this from happening, GMC recommends changing the cabin filter after ten thousand to twenty thousand miles, but those that frequently drive this vehicle in arid or dusty environments may need to change it sooner. Some experts actually recommend cleaning it first rather than performing a full replacement.

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