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About Ford

Ford is an established automaker that is based in America. Its headquarters are situated at Dearborn in Michigan which is a suburb within Detroit. Henry Ford founded the company and its incorporation was done on the 16th of June 1903. The automaker markets cars and commercial vehicles under the Ford name, whereas the Lincoln brand is used to sell its luxury series of cars. The Ford company is controlled by its family but ownership is not solely theirs except for voting power. The company presented manufacturing at a large scale which needed a workforce of an industrial volume to operate its elaborate engineering processes.

About Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is classed as a full-sized sports utility vehicle that is produced by Ford. It was introduced in 1997 as the successor of Bronco and the Expedition was the first to be sold with four doors. During its entire existence, the Expedition was generated through the processing of Ford F-150, thus they both share similar aspects such as their mechanics and various cosmetic layouts. The Expedition had its fourth generation produced in 2019 which was sold over a regular span of time which was a similar approach that had been applied to Suburban and Tahoe.

Common Ford Expedition A/C Problems

Owners of Ford Expedition have shared several concerns of theirs over the A/C unit of their car. Below are some issues that our mechanics have provided suggested solutions to in order to help rectify the said problems within a short turnaround rate.

First and foremost, most Expedition owners have encountered a low pressure with the blown air from the A/C unit and air that is not cold or even hot. Mechanics have advised to perform a Freon change. If the problem persists, something more critical may be causing the problem. Thus, owner is advised to check on the condenser and clutch fan.

Another owner has shared her experience with high pressure of air being blown out but it was not cold at all. Mechanics have advised owner to check on the compressor to see if the pressure can be lowered and the air to be cold.

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