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About Ford

Ford is a Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer that is widely regarded as one of the most successful enterprises of all time. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the company played a key role in the development of the Michigan economy, as its primary headquarters is situated at Dearborn. The company has been added to the Stock Exchange of New York and has approximately ninety plants around the world that employ more than 200,000 workers.

About Ford Expedition

The Expedition is a large SUV which was first introduced in 1997. It is the Ford Bronco successor, and was the very first SUV by Ford to be manufactured with four doors. It is closely connected to the F150, another bestselling vehicle, since both share the same frame and internal components. The Expedition comes in two lengths, which are extended and regular. Before 2009 the SUV was manufactured at the Wayne, Michigan plant, but was moved to the Kentucky Truck Plant at Louisville.

Common Ford Expedition A/C Problems

Some owners of the Expedition have reported that upon parking the vehicle and shutting off the ignition and removing their keys, the A/C and radio would continue operating for about two seconds. This is believed to be the result of either an ignition of electrical issue, which is the subject of an ongoing investigation. Others have mentioned the smell of gas within the vehicle whenever the engine or air conditioning is turned on.

There have also been issues with the blower motor, where it would suddenly stop working. In extreme cases smoke came out of the dashboard, which alarmed the occupants. The Expedition, like many modern SUVs, has climate control which is automated. However, in some instances the blower in front will stop working periodically. It may even fail to start up when the vehicle is turned on. This required the owner to order new parts over the web. Some drivers have also attempted to alter the speed of the blower manually and change the temperature to see if that would fix the issue, with varying success.

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No one should have to roll down the windows of their Ford Expedition on a hot summer day just to cool off, yet this is exactly what will happen if your A/C breaks down. The truth is that many automobile owners fail to get their air conditioning periodically inspected, and will not realize there is a problem until their A/C stops working completely. Those in need of replacement parts will get the best products through R&Y Compressors. We carry everything from hose assemblies to evaporators, condensers, compressors and more, so browse for Ford Expedition A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!