Ford Expedition

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About Ford

William Clay Ford Jr. is Henry Ford’s great grandson and became executive chairman of the company in 1998. By 2001 he had become the company’s chief executive officer, replacing Jacques Nasser. The last member of the Ford family to head the company before William Clay was Henry Ford II, his uncle, who retired in 1982. During William Clay’s tenure Ford sold Cosworth, the motorsport engineering firm to Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe in 2004, which decreased the company’s presence in the motorsport sector.

About Ford Expedition

The Expedition is a 3 row sport utility vehicle that is full sized which was introduced by Ford in 1997. It is the successor to the Bronco and was the very first full sized SUV to have a body with four doors. It is one of Ford’s most successful SUVs and during its production life has derived a number of characteristics from the F-150, such as the mechanical components and body. In the same year that the Expedition was released, it also appeared in the Lincoln marquee as the luxurious Navigator. Before 2009, the Expedition underwent assembly at Michigan Assembly Plant at Wayne, Michigan, but afterwards its assembly was moved to Kentucky Truck Plant at Louisville in Kentucky.

Beginning in 2018, both the Expedition as well as the Expedition MAX would incorporate Ford’s proprietary Terrain Management System. The buttons used to manage its 4x4 system were arranged near its centralized Terrain Management dial, a system which is akin to the unit used in newer model Ford Explorers, though that version is more basic.

Common Ford Expedition A/C Problems

The owner of one Ford Expedition stated that their A/C wouldn’t become cold so they took it to a mechanic who recommended a Freon recharge. However, they also discovered that the A/C compressor had become faulty and also needed replacement. After the new compressor was installed the A/C worked for a time but would eventually revert back to blowing out hot air again. It was eventually discovered that the real source of the problem was the clutch fan, and after replacing it the air conditioning worked fine.

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