Dodge Nitro

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About Dodge

Dodge vehicles consist primarily of full sized cars and trucks, though it has also manufactured several compact cars such as the Charger, Dart and Coronet during the 1970s. The impact of the oil crisis of 1973 compelled Chrysler to create its K platform which would become available in 1981, and this platform along with its derivatives played a key role in Dodge’s success, culminating in the wildly popular Dodge Caravan. The brand has changed ownership multiple times since its inception. Though it was initially sold to the Dillon, Read & Co. after the death of the Dodge Brothers, it would eventually be purchased by Chrysler in 1928.

About Dodge Nitro

The Nitro compact SUV was first released by Dodge in 2007, and was manufactured until 2012. Its platform was shared with the Jeep Liberty and the Nitro was assembled at the North Assembly Plant at Toledo, Ohio. For 2010 models, 3 updated model designations were offered, which are the Shock, Heat and Detonator trim levels, which came in either 4x4 or 4x2. Those who purchased Heat received a V6, 3.7 liter engine that could generate 210 horsepower that was connected an automatic four speed transmission. It also came with powered windows, door locks and mirrors along with keyless entry and satellite radio.

The Detonator trim added remote start, cruise control, rear parking assistance and trip computer with overhead console, while those that purchased the Dodge Nitro Shock trim would get perks such as heated seats, a powered sunroof and leather upholstery. It came with multiple safety features that were standardized, including side and front airbags, stability and traction control and restraints which were active.

Common Dodge Nitro A/C Problems

One owner had to take his Dodge Nitro to a dealer because the air conditioning was not adequately cooling the cabin. After the dealer checked and confirmed that everything was working, the owner took the vehicle home and placed a thermometer in it and drove the vehicle around for about 60 minutes with the A/C turned on high and the windows up. The thermometer indicated that the temperature had only dropped by about 4 degrees, which was abnormal, so it appears that an internal component had become faulty.

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