Dodge Durango

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About Dodge

In the earlier part of the 1900s, the Dodge brothers, John Francis and Horace Elgin, founded their own company, Dodge Brothers. It was a machine store that sold auto parts and accessories to automakers of different backgrounds. Eventually, the Dodge brothers decided to progress forward and manufacture their own line of automobiles with the components that they have already been producing on their own. Their factory, the Dodge Main, opened in 1910 with every single production activity being carried out in those premises throughout the years until 1980.

About Dodge Durango

The Durango is marketed as a full-sized SUV by Dodge with its initial 2 generations being relatively similar to the Dakota. A clear body-on-frame layout can be seen during its production process with the Durango being manufactured in Newark of Delaware. Its third generation utilizes the same platform which the Jeep Grand Cherokee was built on and was put together at a plant in Detroit of Michigan starting middle of 2010. The Durango had its first marketed model as a truck-based sport utility vehicle that was designed to cater to up to a total of 7 passengers with a maximum hauling capacity of 7,500 lb.

Common Dodge Durango A/C Problems

Owners of the Dodge Durango have raised several concerns regarding the A/C unit of their car. Issues include a low pressure in the compressor discharge which mechanics advised regarding a possible leak in the system. Another issue is with regards to a high pressure in the compressor discharged whereby there could be a blockage in its condenser as advised by mechanics. As for low pressure in the suction, mechanics advised the possibility of a leak in the head gasket or a worn-out compressor. For compressors that are deemed to be non-functional, owners may have to check for broken belting or clutch wires before proceeding any further. Lastly, evaporators that are not cooling would require a new setting on its coil as well as its driving belt.

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