Dodge Challenger

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About Dodge

Dodge is an automaker brand in America which is manufactured by FCA US LLC. It has a base in Auburn Hills of Michigan and currently comprises of performance cars. Dodge was first founded with the name of Dodge Brothers Company by brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge during the 1900s. It was initially supplying assemblies and parts for automakers in Detroit which then proceeded to manufacture full automobiles using the brand “Dodge Brothers” in the year 1914.

About Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger name represents a total of three distinct generations of automobiles. They are produced by Dodge, an automaker in America. The first ever instance where the Challenger name was used was in 1959 which was to market a “value version” of the Coronet Silver Challenger in full size. The gross horsepower of Dodge is determined by performing tests on the engines without any added accessories, air cleaner, or dyno headers.

Common Dodge Challenger A/C Problems

An owner of Dodge Challenger raised an issue with his car’s A/C unit that was blowing warm air that was not even strong enough. He could also sniff smells coming from the outside of his car which simply means that there is a certain degree of leakage. It turned out to be his air filter that needed deep cleaning.

Another complaint was regarding the car’s A/C not blowing cold air or blowing only at intermittent intervals. It turned out to be a problem with the refrigerant which was lacking after some time of no servicing checks.

A person raised an issue stating that the A/C unit of his car was not blowing air at all. There was not even a single sound of air coming out from the front and back vents. It turned out that the A/C unit’s blower motor was not in a working condition.

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