Audi TT

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About Audi

Audi has announced that its next technology phase will involve its patented e-tron electrical system. This electric based powertrain has already been implemented in a number of concept cars, and the very first e-tron concept was showcased in 2009 at the motor show in Frankfurt. Power is distributed to all 4 wheels, and in the second concept power is distributed via dual electric motors within the vehicle’s rear axle. This arrangement is preferred in future gas powered vehicles with mid engines. The A1 Audi concept in particular is considered a hybrid which uses the rotary Wankel engine to transmit power once the initial battery charge is depleted.

About Audi TT

The TT has two doors and was first introduced by Audi in 1998 as a production car. It has appeared in four generations so far with the first two being assembled in Hungary. However, the body shells were painted and manufactured in the Ingolstadt plant. The first three generations were marketed as a two door coupe and roadster which utilized the Group A Volkswagen platform. As a consequence, the Audi TT uses a front engine that is mounted transversely, along with Quattro or front wheel drive and a suspension that is fully independent and outfitted with MacPherson struts. It comes in many different variants, which range from 181 to 227 horsepower. The interior of the TT has received praise for the HVAC design, which features outstanding airflow and temperature controls which are embedded inside the air vents, which enhances ergonomics.

Common Audi TT A/C Problems

One owner encountered a problem where their Audi TT stopped blowing out cold air. His mechanic inspected the vehicle and noticed that no 12 volt appeared yet the fuses appeared to be fine. The pressure switch was replaced along with the fan relay, but this did not resolve the issue. The relay box is responsible for measuring the vehicle’s amperage draw for its compressor coil, and when the air conditioning is activated the fans come on which indicates its control circuit is fine. However, the mechanic concluded that the compressor clutch needed to be replaced.

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