How Often Should Your Car’s A/C Evaporator Coil Be Cleaned?


It never fails – you’re in the middle of a traffic jam, in the hottest month of summer, and the air conditioning system in your vehicle decides it’s had enough. It’s done. In addition to being annoying, and highly inconvenient, this could actually be a serious problem. Heat affects people in different ways. Some individuals have extreme reactions to becoming overheated. Opening a window won’t help much on the hottest, most humid days of the year. Maybe you just need a clean A/C evaporator coil. Then again, maybe you need to get that air conditioner professionally repaired or even replaced.

Could problems with your vehicle’s A/C have been averted with a little preventative maintenance? Now that there’s a problem, might there be a simple fix?

Taking good care of your vehicle and all the systems involved with it is advisable. That includes your air-conditioning system. Let’s look at making sure the A/C evaporator coil in your vehicle is clean.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle’s A/C

Cleaning may be one of the most crucial aspects where preventative automotive A/C maintenance is concerned. So that they can function properly, all the parts of your air conditioner need to be as clean as possible. Remember, it’s within the engine of your car, which gets extremely dirty on a frequent basis.

Should you clean the air conditioning system in your vehicle every other year? Every year? Every several years? The answer to that question depends on how well your air conditioner functions and how often you use your vehicle.

Keeping Your A/C Clean

According to air conditioner technicians, a general rule is to have your conditioning system cleaned at regular periodic intervals. Here are some suggestions:

  • At least once every year, change your cabin filter (or more depending on the cleanliness of your environment, excessive automobile usage, etc.).
  • At least every couple of months, use high-pressure water to spray the A/C condenser.
  • At least twice every year (once if you don’t use your vehicle very often), the AC evaporator in your vehicle should be cleaned to reduce future problems.

The A/C Evaporator

Mold and mildew will eventually be developed by your evaporator, even if you diligently replace/clean the cabin filter. Inevitably, condensation develops so it’s unavoidable. Presenting the perfect place for mildew and mold to grow, the evaporator casing is an enclosed, dark environment under the dashboard. The fins will eventually clog up as mildew and mold accumulate.

To clean the evaporator, it must be pulled down, and the mold and mildew cleared. Additionally, to make sure the job is done properly, both the condenser and the evaporator should be cleaned at this time. If you bought your car new, you might be able to wait as long as five years to have a thorough job done professionally.

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