Wiring An A/C Thermostat In Your RV: Steps To Follow

Wiring An AC Thermostat In Your RV Steps To Follow

The A/C (air-conditioner) in an RV is a basic household unit. The manufacturer preinstalls air conditioners – they are a built-in temperature controller. No user wiring should be required in this instance.

However, if a remote thermostat will be used to maintain a constant temperature, it becomes necessary to wire your RV A/C thermostat. This is a straightforward equipment installation. Because it will make for a far more comfortable recreational vehicle in hot weather, it’s a worthwhile project.

Below is a step-by-step guide as to the requirements of this wiring process. Remember, if you don’t feel you have enough automotive knowledge or electrical know-how, this is a job better done by a professional.

First Steps

  • Always consult your RV’s operator manual and any literature that was provided.
  • Make sure the right-numbered thermostat terminals are connected with the correct color-coded RV wires.
  • For securing wires, a screwdriver slot is present on most terminals.
  • As evidenced in the following steps, color-coded connections will be made.

Terminals and Verification

The following describes terminals, their purpose, and the color code they frequently go by. You should always verify the following information using the paperwork that came with your RV and/or a voltage meter.

  • Terminal 1 is commonly a ground. It’s usually blue or black. Remember to verify this.
  • An unused terminal, Terminal 2, should also be verified.
  • From your vehicle’s 12 V system, a typically hot wire is Terminal 3. The color coding for this wire is frequently red.
  • Typically unused, Terminal 4 should also be verified.
  • The supply wire for your RV’s A/C compressor is typically Terminal 5. The color coding is usually yellow.
  • The (normally green) wire that supplies power to your blower fan’s high speed is typically Terminal 6.
  • The wire used to supply your blower fan’s low speed is typically Terminal 7. It’s also frequently green.
  • The wire that is used to supply your RVs electrical heater or furnace is typically Terminal 8 and is frequently white in color.

Thermostat Installation

For the thermostat that you’re going to wire, make sure the wire codes listed above apply. The literature for the RV and the thermostat paperwork you purchased should be used. Match the purpose of the wires to the terminals. (Some people are aided by drawing schematics to help keep wiring, connections, etc. straight.)

  • Remove the outer case of the thermostat. Loosen the retaining screws of the wires inside the body so that wire harnesses can be accepted.
  • From the ends of the wires you will be using, remove ¼” of the insulation using wire strippers.
  • According to your wiring diagram, insert the stripped harness wires into the thermostat terminals.
  • The appropriate terminal screws should now be tightened down as you insert each wire. Relocate the case once all the wires are secured.

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