Will A Heater Work Without An A/C Compressor In A Car?

Will A Heater Work Without An AC Compressor In A Car

It’s winter. You know that during the warmer months, your A/C compressor failed. You never got it fixed – maybe because it was toward the end of the hot season. But now you’re wondering: Will a heater work without an A/C compressor in a car? It’s getting cold, after all, so you need to know if you finally have to get that compressor fixed.

Here’s some good news, at least for the time being. To keep your car warm, it is not necessary for your A/C compressor to be in working condition. Your heater circuit works independently of your A/C compressor as an electrically operated component.

Here are the answers to a few more questions you may have about your vehicle’s heater, your failed A/C compressor, and your vehicle.

When A/C Compressors Fail

So, what exactly occurs when the A/C compressor in your vehicle fails?

Through your air conditioning system, refrigerant is pumped courtesy of your vehicle’s compressor. This provides you with comfortable, cool air. However, throughout the cabin of your vehicle, the system won’t be able to provide cool air without circulating refrigerant. Rather, warm air will instead be produced by your A/C system.

Will the Heat for My Vehicle Be Affected By the A/C Compressor?

Before air passes through your car, your vehicle’s A/C compressor does more than just cool it. While controlling your vehicle’s heat setting, you can use the A/C compressor to also control the interior climate. You’ll be able to reduce fogged-up windows this way because it will help dehumidify the air.

That said, if you’re trying to heat your vehicle during cold weather but the A/C compressor has failed or is failing, you should still be able to heat your car adequately.

With a Broken A/C Compressor, Can I Still Run My Car?

If you realized, toward the end of the hot season, that your A/C compressor was failing or had failed, and you’ve been running your car ever since, it probably wasn’t the best decision. Why? With a broken A/C compressor, it’s not a particularly good idea to keep driving your vehicle. You may not need expensive and extensive repairs on your A/C compressor, but even if you do, it’s wise to get it fixed ASAP. When your A/C compressor breaks but you keep driving repeatedly, it can potentially cause damage to both your health and your engine.

Need a New A/C Compressor? We Can Help!

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