Will A Bad A/C Compressor Affect The Engine? An Overview

Will A Bad AC Compressor Affect The Engine An Overview

If you’ve been putting off a number of repairs on your vehicle, it could be because your budget is severely limited at the time or you just don’t want to sink a lot of money into an old automobile. But is there a particular repair that might outweigh others? Let’s say, for example, that the A/C compressor in your vehicle has entirely given up or is failing – but summer is almost over so you don’t think you’ll need to cool the interior of your car for some months. Will a bad A/C compressor affect the engine?

Let’s find out.

When A/C Compressors Fail

For the air conditioning system in your vehicle, the compressor is but one part – albeit a significantly key component. If you have a bad A/C compressor, or if it’s failing, your engine can be negatively affected.

As the power system for your vehicle’s air conditioning, the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant before it reaches the mechanism for the condenser. The refrigerant starts as a liquid and changes to a gas. For the air conditioning system to continuously blow cold air and provide the best performance, it requires a fully functioning compressor. In many of today’s vehicles, an engine accessory belt drives the A/C compressor. However, your compressor will not be capable of full-strength operation if the belt:

  • Breaks completely
  • Slips
  • Becomes damaged
  • Begins to break down

If this happens, will the engine of your vehicle be affected?

The Effects of a Failed A/C Compressor on Your Engine

You might be thinking: I can’t get cold air because the A/C compressor broke, but I can still run the engine and drive my car. I can put up with that minor inconvenience for a while.

You might want to rethink that. Here’s why.

  • For one thing, refrigerant might be leaking onto the ground underneath your vehicle. Depending on where you park, that could be a real problem.
  • Naturally, you won’t be able to provide a comfortable, cool temperature for your passengers, pets, and yourself.

But here’s the real answer to the question of why you shouldn’t keep running your engine with a failed A/C compressor. The internal parts of your engine may also potentially be harmed due to a lack of cold air.

Faulty A/C Compressor Signs and Symptoms

How do you know if the A/C compressor in your vehicle is failing or has failed? Here are some signs and symptoms that could point to a problem:

  • You’re hearing loud noises from your A/C compressor
  • The temperature in your cabin is higher than you’d like it to be
  • You notice coolant leaking/puddling under your engine
  • You feel that the compressor clutch isn’t functioning properly

How can you check for problems such as this?

  • Inspect the clutch visually
  • Check your belts
  • The A/C compressor should be inspected
  • Temperature fluctuations should be tracked
  • Leaks should be detected

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