Why Is There No Air Coming Out Of My Car Vents?

Why Is There No Air Coming Out Of My Car Vents?

There is nothing more aggravating than getting into your car on a hot summer day and turning on the air conditioning, only to find no air coming out of car vents. Below are some reasons this happens and how you can get the problem solved.

The Air Intake Is Jammed

There are two locations that allow airflow within the vehicle. One of these is the vents near the bottom part of your windshield, while the other consists of the A/C vents which circulate air within the cabin itself. Both are needed for the ventilation system to work correctly, and if either is blocked or jammed, no air will be blown out.

The Relay or Fuse Is Broken

It is possible that one of the ventilation fuses in your automobile has gone bad. If so, your blower motor won’t be able to blow air into the vent, and if the relay has become faulty this is also problematic since this component gives the current necessary for blower motor functioning.

The Refrigerant Level Has Become Too Low

Should the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning fall low enough, you’ll notice a gradual degradation in the ability of the A/C to adequately cool down the cabin. There are some cases where the A/C will blow out very little air or the air it does blow out will be hot. If this is the cause of the problem you’ll need to replenish your A/C’s refrigerant levels.

The Compressor or Condenser Has Failed

If the condenser fails, this will stop frigid air from moving through the vents. This component is responsible for managing refrigerant heat by altering it from a gaseous to a liquid state. However, condensers are susceptible to becoming blocked or damaged, which might culminate in A/C overheating due to insufficient airflow.

The Resistor or Blower Motor Has Gone Bad

Blower motors play an essential role in automobile ventilation systems. It consists of a fan that can be found in the back of the dashboard which is responsible for moving air inside the vents. Blower motors can go bad because of electrical issues or wear, and when it happens you’ll either get hot air coming out of the vents or none at all. Blower motors also work closely with the resistor, which is responsible for regulating airflow that is transferred into the vehicle. If it goes bad, the airflow will be adversely affected.

The Belt or Hose Is torn

The vehicle’s ventilation system is attached through multiple hoses which transfer fluid, and should any of these hoses become damaged, your automobile’s ventilation unit won’t work correctly. The torn hose might generate refrigerant leakage that will lower the air conditioner’s effectiveness. Damaged belts might also be a culprit.

As you can see, there are multiple things that can prevent air from coming out of your vent. You’ll first need to identify the source of the problem before you can take corrective action, and unless you’re experienced with vehicular A/C systems it is best to hire a technician.