Where Is The A/C Compressor Relay Located?


Whether you plan on doing vehicle maintenance yourself or relying on the competence of a certified automotive technician, it’s good to know at least a little bit about your vehicle’s AC system. What kind of preventative maintenance should you be doing on it? What are some of the signs and symptoms of a faulty or failing component or system? Can you get away with a repair or do you need to replace the entire system if something goes wrong?

Here, we will explore topics like your vehicle’s A/C compressor relay location, how to discover whether or not you have a potential problem with the compressor, and more.

Where Is the A/C Compressor Relay Located?

While all vehicles are created slightly differently, for the most part, the locations of air conditioning system compressor parts are as follows:

  • In the under-hood fuse box, you will typically find air conditioning relays.
  • For the most part, the location of the actual compressor for your vehicle’s A/C will be with the rest of the accessories that are belt driven – in the front of the engine.

What Is an A/C Compressor?

So that your vehicle’s air conditioning system performs at the highest level, you must have a fully functioning compressor. Acting as your A/C’s power units, the compressor pressurizes refrigerant prior to pumping it to the condenser. From a gas to a liquid, the refrigerant changes courtesy of the condenser.

To both the clutch and the compressor for your vehicle’s A/C system, power is supplied courtesy of the relay.

Signs and Symptoms of a Faulty or Failing Compressor Relay

The compressor relay involved in your vehicle’s air conditioning system may be faulty or failing if you notice the following:

  • No Cold Air: If the air conditioning system for your vehicle isn’t providing any cold air, the A/C relay may have failed. No air can be produced by the system because the compressor won’t operate – because the relay failed. While this is the most common issue if cold air isn’t being produced by automotive air conditioning systems – there are many other potential causes.
  • Non-Activation of the A/C Compressor: Again, your vehicle’s air conditioning system can’t operate if the compressor doesn’t turn on. If it doesn’t activate, it could be a problem with the relay. Listen for a clicking noise to detect whether or not the compressor has been activated. A failed relay will prevent it from getting the power it needs.
  • Cooling Is Inconsistent: The relay powers the compressor. Cold air can’t be produced correctly if the A/C system isn’t functioning properly. The compressor may be receiving intermittent or weakened power from the relay if the relay is failing. This means the A/C system will function intermittently or in a weakened manner.

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