2013 Ford Explorer

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About Ford

Ford is without a doubt one of the most powerful automobile manufacturers in the world. It was founded by Henry Ford and over the last century it has made billions of dollars selling cars, trucks and SUVs both in and outside the United States. The company has found success in emerging markets and has laid down the ground work which other carmakers follow. Ford has formed strategic alliances with other companies and on occasion has acquired stakes in them.

About 2013 Ford Explorer

Many automobile enthusiasts consider the 2013 edition of the Ford Explorer to be one of the best SUVs ever made. It combines the best attributes of a minivan with those of a sport utility vehicle. It is outfitted with a V6, 3.5 liter engine that is twin turbocharged and capable of generating 365 horsepower with 350 pound of torque that has a suspension that is sport tuned with all-wheel drive. It has a number of safety measures such as lane departure notifications, power telescoping and tilt, and even heated steering. Those seated in front will also be protected by knee airbags.

The 2013 Ford Explorer differs from previous version because it uses a unibody design as opposed to the ladder type structure found in older editions which are bolted on. This results in driving dynamics which are similar to a car, along with lighter weight and superior fuel economy. Those who purchase the four wheel drive version will gain access to Terrain Management, which is a system that enables the drive to choose from 4 different modes to gain the best traction depending on the driving environment. Hill assist is also included.

Common 2013 Ford Explorer A/C Problems

Some drivers have noticed an unusual issue. When they open the throttle, or accelerate the vehicle an unusual scent will come from the A/C vents. Mechanics have reviewed the issue and it was discovered that the scent comes from exhaust fumes which are flowing into the cabin. Although Ford has noted the problem they claim that the level of fumes is not enough to prove toxic, but many drivers are still concerned.

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