2011 Nissan Altima

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About Nissan

Nissan is one of the Japan’s most respected automobile manufacturers. Established in 1933, the company began as a zaibatsu and over the last 85 years has expanded its influence internationally. It has its own motor sports division, which is named Nismo, and its vehicles have appeared in a number of competitions, such as the FIA World Endurance Championship, Blancpain GT Series and the Super GT. The company is most famous for its Datsun and Infiniti models and has played a key role in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

About 2011 Nissan Altima

The 2011 Edition of the Nissan Altima is a moderately sized vehicle that was designed for drivers that like superb handling. It has multiple engine options, including electric/gas and V6 with four cylinders. It is notable for its fuel economy, and in terms of performance can generate 175 horsepower with 180 pound of torque. The engine that it uses is similar to that found in the Nissan 370Z, so owners can expect blistering performance, with the option to upgrade to a V6 that can produce 270 horsepower. The electric/gas version is rated at 35 miles for each gallon inside city limits, but can expand its range beyond 600 miles for every fill up. However, the engine found in the hybrid version is not as powerful as the standard four cylinders.

Common 2011 Nissan Altima A/C Problems

The A/C system within the 2011 Altima is powered electrically, but some drivers have reported issues with it. This usually involved the air conditioning suddenly shutting down and not working, typically after the car has gotten 100,000 miles.  A number of culprits could be responsible for this malfunction. The refrigerant pressure could be too low, or the compressor and clutch could have become faulty. Another possibility is that the driver has a broken relay fuse. The best solution is to recover and then vacuum and recharge the system to see if this fixes the problem, and if you discover that a specific component has malfunctioned, ordering a replacement online is the best solution.

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