2010 Ford Focus

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About Ford

Ford is a multinational company based in the United States that produces and sells a variety of automobiles, both for domestic and commercial use. Incorporated in 1903, it played a key role in the development of automobile manufacture and is considered a pioneer in this regard. It was one of the earliest companies to utilize production on a large scale through the usage of manufacturing sequences that were carefully engineered via assembly lines, and over the last century has expanded its influence by acquiring an ownership stake in the likes of Aston Martin, Troller, and Jiangling Motors.

About 2010 Ford Focus

The 2010 Ford Focus is a compact, economic vehicle that is perfect for those looking for a car that is both reliable and affordable. It can be purchased as a sedan and coupe, and is equipped with 2 liter, 4 cylinder engines that can generate up to 140 horsepower that is wedded to a five or four speed manual or automatic transmission. The cabin is distinctive for its SYNC system, which gives drivers the ability to synchronize multiple electronic devices, such as smartphones and mp3 players. It also has 4 airbags, brakes with antilock capability, keyless entry and electronic control stability.

Common 2010 Ford Focus A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported that the air conditioner stopped cooling the car. The problems were usually noticeable after 30,000 miles, and to resolve it the console and steering column will have to be taken out. Small leaks have also been detected, and when starting up the vehicle some owners have said that they heard abnormal sounds being emitted from the front.

Diagnostic tests show that these sounds are usually the result of a faulty compressor. Although the Ford Focus can still be driven safety, the efficiency of the A/C might be compromised. Others have said while the car was parked, they attempted to set the A/C levels between 3 and 4 and the air wouldn’t adequately blow. When inspected it was discovered that switch and pigtail actually melted into one. The best solution to all these problems is replacing both the compressor and belt, which can be done online.

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