2010 Ford Escape

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About Ford

Ford has become one of the biggest names in the automotive industry, the result of its innovative and pioneering role in the manufacture of various vehicles over the last 100 years. Founded by Henry Ford in the early 20th century, the company has sold large numbers of vehicles both in and outside the United States. Its incredible success has allowed it to capture substantial global market share which has enabled it to finance continual research and development while acquiring lucrative stakes in other car companies.

About 2010 Ford Escape

The 2010 Ford Escape is a fully loaded hybrid vehicle. It has front wheel drive with a frame that is body on and was released to compete with classical two box sport utility vehicles. Visually, the vehicle is notable for its spherical lines and impressive cladding in the lower body, but overall it isn’t dramatically different from previous generations. It is a bit larger with sheet metal that is edgier, and the grille in front has extra chrome which has enhanced its aesthetic appeal. Inside, the dashboard is comprised of reinforced yet tactile plastic with standard yet comfortable seating.

Common 2010 Ford Escape A/C Problems

Some drivers have complained of the radiator fan making loud noises and running constantly. This coincides with the A/C not functioning properly which required the owners to replace the default parts with those purchased online. The main component that needed to be replaced was the relay switch of the radiator fan. The air conditioner appears to dump its coolant when the radiator fan is run on high. When replacing the coolant drivers noted that the substance was dirtier than it should be. Other owners have reported that the cold air being blown from the events isn’t cold and it was necessary to replace the heating coil. Some problems seem to occur when the vehicle is driven at certain speeds; the A/C unit will start blowing hot air from the vents. Other components that had to be replaced include the expansion valve, condenser and A/C switch, and it was also necessary to recharge the air conditioning system completely.

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