2007 Mazda CX7

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About Mazda

Mazda Motor Corporation is a powerful company based in Japan that manufacturers various automobiles, including cars, motorcycles and trucks. It has sold millions of vehicles around the world, earning the respect of its rivals, and like other prominent automakers has invested large amounts of money into R&D. One example of this is SkyActiv, a proprietary technology which is set to enhance the fuel economy of Mazda automobiles in a way that is similar to drivetrains which are hybridized.

About 2007 Mazda CX7

The 2007 edition of the Mazda CX7 has a stunning design, exceptional interior, and performance that allow it to zip along winding roads with ease. The leather seats within the cabin are as soft as butter with a turbo 4 engine that provides superb acceleration when necessary. The doors and dash use plastics that are soft to the touch with power seating that can be adjusted eight ways. Although Mazda cars are known (and sometimes criticized) for their small size, the Mazda CX7 offers lots of space for the legs and head. In the center of the vehicle is an armrest that can be lifted up to display a storage area for important items, as well as an electric port that can be used for electronic devices. Although it is not equipped with an input auxiliary jack, an iPod module can be installed. The EPA has given the car a fresh rating, which is 16 miles per gallon in cities and 22 on highways.

Common 2007 Mazda CX7 A/C Problems

Some owners have stated that while driving the Mazda CX7 they heard a sound emanating from the passenger’s side, which was accompanied by a scent which came from the same area, which was followed by the car suddenly losing power while smoke came from the air conditioner. Mechanics have yet to determine what caused the issue, though it is likely a component is faulty and in need of replacement. Others have complained about the A/C compressor freezing. They said that while parked the car begin to emit smoke, and when trying to start it the Mazda would not come on. When taken in to a mechanic it was discovered that the A/C compressor had failed, and it was recommended to order a replacement part online.

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