2007 Mazda 3

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About Mazda

Mazda is one of Japan’s most successful automobile companies. Founded in 1920, over the last century this enterprise has sold millions of vehicles worldwide, while forming strategic partnerships with other important automakers, most notably Ford. Mazda’s research and development division has created a number of technologies, such as Bio Car and SkyActiv, and the company immortalized itself when its Mazda 787B captured the coveted 24 Hours of Le Mans title in 1991.

About 2007 Mazda 3

The 2007 Mazda 3 is an impressive car that is a joy to drive, and is well equipped with a number of luxury features. The appearance was upgraded from previous versions, with a front bumper that was redesigned with fog lights that are square shaped. The wheels come in sixteen or seventeen inches, and are aluminum cast, and leather is available for every variant, including the hatchback. The audio system is high fidelity and comes with a 12 volt outlet that can work with iPods and other small electronics.

The frame has been reinforced to better protect passengers in the event of a collision, and the antilock brakes have been enhanced with force distribution that is electronic. Other safety additions include control for stability and traction, as well as front wheel drive. Under the hood, the Mazda 3 comes with a four cylinder, 2.3 liter engine that is turbocharged and capable of generating 263 horsepower. The cabin is efficient in regards to space and because it was manufactured in different factories around the world it is considered by many enthusiasts to be a “world car’, with Japanese practicality and European engineering built in.

Common 2007 Mazda 3 A/C Problems

Some owners of the 2007 Mazda 3 have mentioned problems involving poor air quality from the air conditioning. They stated that although the A/C would blow out air, it wasn’t much cooler than the fan itself, which prompted them to purchase a recharge and gauge kit. Even though the gauge reader showed that the pressure was acceptable, when driving the car in first, second or third gear it would continue blowing out warm air unless the vehicle was accelerating heavily into the fourth gear. While this problem could be an indication of a blockage, it might also be an internal component that is failing.

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