2006 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, since 1903 Ford has established itself as one of the world’s most successful multinational corporations. Its main specialty is the manufacture of cars, trucks and SUVs, and it has played a pioneering in role in shaping the way automobiles are built and sold. Its sale of millions of vehicles around the world has enabled it to continue investing in technology while forming strategic partnerships with other automakers.

About 2006 Ford Taurus

The 2006 edition of the Ford Taurus has a number of things going for it, such as its attractive looks, superb drivetrain, and numerous creature comforts. Although it only has a couple of trim levels, which are SEL and SE, the SE version is capable of seating a maximum of six passengers due to the bench seat in front. The SEL is limited to just five. Each variant is equipped with the Vulcan V6, a 3 liter engine that can produce 153 horsepower, which is wedded to an automatic four speed transmission. It has a number of safety features, like front airbags which are adaptive as well as airbags for side impacts. Drivers will also have access to traction control, along with brakes with antilock capability. The designers at Ford made the decision to simplify the 2006 Taurus so it only uses the V6, with no other engine options available.

Common 2006 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

Some drivers have experienced air conditioning problems, particularly when driving the vehicle at lower speeds or keeping it in idle. The A/C won’t cool adequately, but will resume normal operation when the vehicle is driver at standard speed or operated with high RPM. The compressor was inspected and it was found that it works fine, as the clutch properly engages. Refrigerant levels were also evaluated and appeared normal, as was the condenser and its fan. Therefore, the owners aren’t sure exactly where the problem lies, although others have found that it was indeed the compressor that was having the problem as many Ford owners have reported issues with this particular component.

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