2006 Ford Freestyle

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About Ford

Established in 1903, Ford has become one of the USA’s biggest automobile manufacturers, and was the earliest company to recognize the importance mass production via assembly line. This enabled the company to sell millions of vehicles globally while capturing substantial market share, which allowed it to buy stakes in other companies such as Troller and even Aston Martin.

About 2006 Ford Freestyle

The 2006 edition of the Ford Freestyle was designed to be the quintessential crossover. It shares a number of similarities with an SUV and station wagon, and combines a spacious interior with a powertrain that is modernized and gives solid efficiency and performance. It has 3 row seating which can hold a maximum of six or seven passengers depending on the variant, and is outfitted with a V6, 3 liter engine that works in conjunction with a transmission that is continuously variable. The CVT alleviates engine load while making the driving experience smoother, and while some variants feature all-wheel drive, which gives the vehicle excellent maneuverability in all types of weather, other Freestyles come with front wheel drive.

Although the Ford Freestyle shares similarities with the Ford Five Hundred, it actually offers a superior driving experience. It has been a hit among customers that are looking for something more than the standard SUV, and are looking for a new style and design. The first Freestyle was launched in 2005 which means that the 2006 edition was subject to only a few upgrades, such as a new navigational system which can be used on the Limited edition.

Common 2006 Ford Freestyle A/C Problems

Owners have complained of an issue where the Freestyle jolts when they press down on their brake pedal or shift gears. Whenever this happened the air conditioning would suddenly stop functioning correctly, and would only circulate while the vehicle was moving. When the Freestyle stops, the A/C would not emit cold air. Mechanics who inspected the problem concluded that it was probably a bad transmission that had faulty air lines. The problem seems to occur most frequently in Ford Freestyles that have around 87,000 miles.

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