2005 Mazda 3

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About Mazda

Mazda is a highly respected Japanese firm that is best known for its manufacture of automobiles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles. As of 2015 it has sold well over 1 million vehicles globally, and has wisely invested the proceeds in research in development, culminating in the creation of technologies which are proprietary like SkyActiv, which is a system created to enhance fuel economies in their vehicles while boosting engine output and lowering vehicular emissions. Mazda is also well known on the racing circuit as its cars have captured victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

About 2005 Mazda 3

The 2005 Mazda 3 is spacious and sporty. It comes in two versions, one of which is a hatchback with five doors or a sedan with four. The sedan is smooth and rounded whereas the hatchback has a more aggressive look, but offers outstanding utility due to the ability to fold the back seats. Both variants are fast and nimble, which makes it the car of choice for navigating winding roads. Its engine is 2.3 liter and free revving, and is wedded to a manual five speed transmission.

Common 2005 Mazda 3 A/C Problems

Some owners have stated that when attempting to downshift using the Mazda 3’s sport mode the vehicle remained in level five then suddenly switched to level 3 which resulted in the vehicle jerking. This coincided with the A/C blowing out hot air. Other drivers have reported serious electrical failures. While operating the vehicle the indicator lights begin flashing and the air conditioning shut down simultaneously, even though the engine still worked. In another case drivers noticed white smoke being emitted from the engine which had a rubbery smell and the air conditioning started making loud sounds. This forced the driver to pull the vehicle over and then deactivate everything. Inspections of the car revealed that the A/C clutch had broken off, and the air conditioning would not work until the component was replaced.

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