2005 Ford F150

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About Ford

Ford is one of the USA’s largest automobile manufacturers. It was established by Henry Ford in 1903 whose leadership enabled the company to make a number of key innovations in automobile production, the most important of which was the assembly line. Ford established the blueprint that many automakers use today and has continued to lead the industry by investing substantial sums of money in research and development.

About 2005 Ford F150

The 2005 edition of the Ford F150 was a best seller both in and outside the United States. The designers at Ford threw out the aging formula used for previous models, and made the decision to rebuild the truck from scratch. The result was fantastic, as the 2005 F150 captured the prestigious North American Truck of the Year award. It has the perfect blend of cargo capacity, toughness, strength and performance.

It can tow as much as 9,000 pounds, and is comfortable and safe to drive. Those who purchase the King Ranch edition will gain access to perks such as King Castano leather, with base models being equipped with a V6 engine that has the option of a transmission which is manual or automatic. Those demanding even more power can upgrade to the V8. The truck has 6 different trim levels which will cater to the needs of different buyers and overall this edition is larger and heavier than its predecessors. Safety features include dual airbags in front, with seatbelts that are outfitted with pretensioners and retractors that manage energy as needed.

Common 2005 Ford F150 A/C Problems

Owners of the 2005 F150 have reported problems with the fuse, which is responsible for controlling multiple components, including the air conditioning compressor, ABS module and DTR sensor. They took the truck in to be serviced, and their A/C compressor was replaced, but it didn’t fix the issue. The technicians then inspected the truck again and decided to remove and replace the fuse. Diagnostics performed on the component could not identify the short, although the mechanic was convinced one was present. Other drivers have reported that the engine starts surging whenever they drove the truck and attempted to use the cruise control.

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