2005 Ford Escape

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About Ford

Ford is a multinational company that is headquartered in the United States. Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, it played a key role in the development of the automobile, and was one of the first companies to begin mass producing cars and trucks. Its innovations have had a major impact on the industry, and the billions of dollars that it has amassed during the last century have enabled it to invest in various technologies while forming partnerships with rival carmakers and sometimes acquiring them outright.

About 2005 Ford Escape

The 2005 edition of the Ford Escape is one of the company’s bestselling models. This is because it offers superb handling, a relaxed driving experience, and seats that are comfortable. When outfitted with the V6 engine the acceleration is respectable, and overall, it is an SUV that is compact yet practical. The seats in the back can be folded down which opens up a cargo which is moderate in size and allows extra luggage to be carried. The designers at Ford updated the look by brightening up the interior and adding new headlamps in front. Although the previous generation used a 2 liter engine, the 2005 Escape was upgraded to a 2.3 liter. The transmission is completely automatic, with a four wheel drive and suspension that has been revised. A hybrid variant is also available, where the gas engine is used in conjunction with a motor that is electric, resulting in much greater fuel economy.

Common 2005 Ford Escape A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported problems with their air conditioning. For instance, they would be driving during hot weather and suddenly the A/C would stop cooling. Initially they thought the problem was caused by insufficient Freon but when they inspected the pressure on the low side they discovered that the psi was more than 150. The A/C clutch worked correctly, but even when it’s running no load can be detected within the engine, nor is there an rpm drop. Mechanics that investigated the issue came to the conclusion that the problem was caused by an orifice tube which most likely was freezing up that created an ice blockage. Vacuuming it corrected the problem.

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