2004 Toyota Sienna

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About Toyota

Toyota is a major Japanese carmaker that has sold millions of cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs worldwide. Established in 1937, it owns stakes in other companies, such as Mazda, Subaru, and Isuzu. It was one of the first companies to develop vehicles with hydrogen based fuel cells and has received praise for its production techniques, such as leveling out their workload, utilizing pull systems so that overproduction can be prevented, and designing a continuous flow process which better allows managers to discover potential problems.

About 2004 Toyota Sienna

The 2004 Toyota Sienna is an improvement over its predecessors. It is larger and more spacious, with sliding power doors, a camera for the rear view and powered tailgate. Many regard it as one of Toyota’s best minivans and compared to previous editions it is more affordable. It has ample amounts of cargo space and the interior is quite comfortable, with various features that are designed to give passengers a relaxing and stress free riding experience. Its handling is responsive, its acceleration is brisk due to its V6 engine, and it can produce up to 230 horsepower due to its engine which works in conjunction with a 5 speed automatic.

Common 2004 Toyota Camry A/C Problems

Some owners have reported that upon reaching 34,000 miles, the air conditioning within their 2004 Sienna died on them. Everything had to be replaced by a mechanic, and owners also reported problems with the condenser. Others have stated that they had to replace the heaters, radiator and lock actuator. Some issues with the air conditioning are intermittent.

For instance, drivers have reported that although the A/C would work, this would occur only for a short period of time, between thirty seconds to three minutes, after which the A/C would shut off. A lot of mechanics think that the problem lies with the A/C clutch, and that replacing it is the best way to resolve the issue. The coolant might also need to be recharged and evacuated, or the magnetic relay clutch should be swapped out. The pressure sensor seems to work well as mechanics have said unplugging and then jumping it activates the fans and allows the clutch to engage.

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