2004 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

When it comes to cars, Ford is a household name both in and outside the United States. Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, the last 100+ years have seen the company grow into a global phenomenon, which has sold millions of vehicles while revolutionizing the process of car manufacturing. Its assembly line mass production system was widely adopted by other automakers due to its success, and Ford has continued to invest heavily in research and development while acquiring stakes in other major automakers.

About 2004 Ford Taurus

The 2004 Ford Taurus is a continual improvement over its predecessors. It is an outstanding sedan with solid drivetrains, an attractive appearance, numerous perks and exceptional handling. A new fascia and grille were added to the front, with fresh tail lamps in the back. The interior has a new instrument cluster and steering wheel with switches that are multifunction and capable of controlling things such as turn signals and windshield wipers. The transmission and engine have been upgraded with better shift quality and efficiency.

The interior is quieter than older models due to the addition of superior sound dampening and sealing. Drivers have the option of adding leather seats, and lighter colors were used in the cabin to brighten it. Even the dashboard has been revised, and the adjustable pedal controls have been moved closed to the car’s instrument panel so they are easier for drivers to access.

Common 2004 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

A number of issues have been reported by owners of the 2004 Ford Taurus. Among them is water leakage that was found under the seat on the front passenger side. Mechanics who addressed the issue stated that it was probably caused by the blower resister of the A/C, which malfunctioned. Others have reported that when they start up the car and activate the A/C they can hear an unusual knocking sound that coincides with a musty smell that comes out of the vents. The problem appears to happen intermittently, though mechanics believe the blower motor is the culprit.

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