2004 Ford Focus

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About Ford

Ford is a Fortune 500 company that was founded over one hundred years ago by Henry Ford. Based in Dearborn Michigan, the company has become famous for models such as the Mustang and F150 but has also found success with its luxury brand Lincoln. Historically, the company is known for its large industrial workforce which used various complex engineering techniques to produce cars at a faster rate than its competitors, and is currently the fifth biggest car company on Earth.

About 2004 Ford Focus

Those who have driven the 2004 Focus have praised its comfortable handling, which is the result of its improved suspension. The seats are relaxing to sit in, even during extended trips; the vehicle demonstrates stability even at increased speed. This edition also came with fresh styling which separated it from its rivals. It has multiple body styles for buyers to choose from, including five and three door variants. The 130 horsepower engine will not provide sports car level performance, but is more than adequate for small families and those who are looking for a dependable vehicle that will get them from point a to point b. Those that desire greater power can choose the bigger engine which is 2.3 liter and capable of generating 145 horsepower, and if this still isn’t enough the SVT version provides 170 horsepower.

Common 2004 Ford Focus A/C Problems

One driver reported that shortly after purchasing the 04 Ford Focus he tried using the A/C and noticed a strange noise being made by the fan which resembled clicking or the dripping of water. He attempted to exchange the car and was unable to do so, and after having it inspected by mechanics it was discovered that an internal component was faulty. Another driver stated that while driving she felt the vehicle suddenly jump, after which the car begin shaking. The following day, upon getting inside the car and attempting to activate the A/C the car started shaking again, and when it was taken to a mechanic he opened it and found that there was a problem with the fan.

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