2004 Ford Expedition

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About Ford

Ford is one of America’s most widely recognized automotive brands. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, over the last generation the company has emerged as a global sensation, selling millions of vehicles while pioneering the manner in which cars are made. Ford is credited with being the first company to mass produce automobiles on a large scale, and it has continued investing heavily in research and development which has allowed it to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Additionally, it has acquired strategic stakes in other car companies.

About 2004 Ford Expedition

The 2004 Ford Expedition was reengineered and redesigned, which results in a machine which was a dramatic improvement over past versions. The handling is much more precise, especially given its weight, and the chassis is more sophisticated and rigid due to the presence of the rear suspension. Previous Expeditions used a suspension that was truck based, which resulted in a rougher riding experience.

A number of safety features were incorporated into the 2004 edition, such as adjustable pedals, a monitor for tire pressure, a front bumper which was lowered, and brakes with anti-lock capability, stability control, and protection against rollover. The seats in the third row can be folded with a simple button press, and it also has a Reverse Sensing mechanism which automatically alerts the driver whenever the vehicle is backing up towards objects like poles, parked vehicles or pedestrians. This combined with DVD entertainment and the ability to tow almost 9,000 pounds makes the 2004 Expedition one of the best SUVs ever made.

Common 2004 Ford Expedition A/C Problems

Some owners had to replace their air compressor, which was working well until it suddenly started blowing out warm air. Mechanics have inspected the lines of the 2004 Expedition and in some cases discovered that its emergency cable for the brake was not properly secured, which resulted in the cable rubbing holes within the high side of the hose which caused refrigerant oil to leak out. To resolve the issue, owners had to either get rid of the rear A/C or replace the hose itself.

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