2003 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

Ford, also known as the Ford Motor Company, is one of America’s most famous car manufacturers. Named after Henry Ford, who established the company in 1903, over the last century it has become one of the world’s most prominent corporations. Not only has Ford sold millions of vehicles, but it revolutionized automobile production, laying down the foundation that most carmakers still follow today. It was the first manufacturer to embrace the concept of mass production via assembly line, and due to its power, wealth and influence Ford has acquired stakes in and outright purchased other companies, such as Troller, Jiangling Motors and Aston Martin.

About 2003 Ford Taurus

The 2003 edition of the Ford Taurus is an outstanding car for families. Affordable and moderate in size, it is simple to drive due to its solid drivetrains, attractive appearance, and numerous creature comforts. For instance, Ford enhanced the cabin by making it quieter by adding fresh seals to the windows, doors and even rearview mirrors, along with a sound dampening mechanism along the floor. The switches for the cruise control are illuminated, and the adjustable pedal controls have been switched closer to the car’s instrument panel so they’re easier to access. Even the wheels have been updated with seven spokes. Another factor which separates the 2003 Taurus from previous editions is that many features are standard, like power door locks and windows, the steering tilt column and the seat covers, which can be upgraded to leather. The colors used in the car are lighter and designed to beautify the interior.

Common 2003 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

Drivers have reported a few A/C problems with their Ford Taurus. One was the leakage of water which was discovered beneath the passenger seat in front. This was likely due to the A/C’s blower resister breaking down, which lead to the leakage. Other drivers have stated that when starting up the vehicle and turning on the A/C, they heard a strange knocking sound which was accompanied by a musty scent which was emitted from the vents. The issue seems to occur intermittently. Many mechanics believe this particular problem is caused by a broken blower motor, and the best solution is to buy a replacement part online.

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