2003 Ford Focus

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About Ford

Ford is considered by many automobile enthusiasts to be one of the world’s most powerful car companies. Founded during the early 20th century, it pioneered automobile manufacturing, laying down the groundwork that other car companies would follow later, including those from Europe and Asia. It was the first company to recognize the necessity of an assembly line and its very first car, the Model T, was a smash hit. Other famous models include the Mustang, F150 and the Expedition. Ford’s spectacular success has allowed it to acquire stakes in other companies, such as Aston Martin and Troller.

About 2003 Ford Focus

The 2003 Ford Focus is a compact car that is a blast to drive. It provides excellent acceleration, along with agile handling and flip down seats that provide more space when needed. It is a great car for both long and short trips. Visually, this car is more versatile than previous models, offering multiple body types which allow for a higher degree of customization.

Road noise, which was an issue with previous generations, has been greatly reduced in the 03 edition. Fresh interior fabrics have also been added, along with updates in the inner and outer trim. Drivers now have the option of heated seats, along with an updated traction control system that works in conjunction with antilock brakes. The ZX5 edition has five doors with the option of three different trim levels. Its engine can generate up to 170 horsepower.

Common 2003 Ford Focus A/C Problems

Some drivers have noticed that the air conditioning fan will stop functioning when in positions one, two or three, and will only work in four. At the same time, the air conditioning button will only light up whenever the position of the fan is on one, two or three. It shuts down when the fan reaches level four, which causes only hot air to blow out. Others have reported having issues with their fan motors. The first three fan positions would stop working, resulting in no cold air, then the fourth will run but only with hot air.

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