2003 Ford Explorer

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About Ford

Ford is one of the world’s most recognized automotive brands. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the company has emerged as a global powerhouse, selling millions of cars, trucks and SUVs. It played a key role in the development and marketing of the automobile, revolutionizing the industry with a number of key innovations which contributed to its success. This has allowed the company to form partnerships with other car manufacturers such as Jiangling Motors and Troller.

About 2003 Ford Explorer

The 2003 edition of the Ford Explorer is one of the best SUVs ever made. It was redesigned from the 2002 model and is vastly superior, with a suspension that is fully independent. The track has been widened, and the wheelbase is longer. Its frame is also stiffer and in addition to the V6 being revised buyers have the option of upgrading to a V8 if they desire. It comes with an automatic five speed transmission and the cabin is spacious, capable of comfortably seating seven when buyers equip the third row which is optional and can be folded flat along its cargo floor whenever it’s not in use. The designers at Ford also expanded the standard equipment in the 2003 Explorer, incorporating the AdvancedTrac system for stability which gives the vehicle greater safety and traction, along with a DVD system for the backseat.

Common 2003 Ford Explorer A/C Problems

Drivers have reported that the lines connecting to the back cabin cooling and heating begin leaking r134, and as a consequence the vehicle lost its A/C. The problem occurred in models that were under two years of age. Other drivers have reported an exhaust like smell which is emitted from the cabin, which in some cases caused burning eyes, nausea and headaches. The exhaust appeared to come from the A/C system and was particularly noticeable whenever the vehicle accelerated while the air conditioning was on. Many believe that it is actually carbon monoxide emissions but the best way to find out is to have the vehicle inspected, and then order a new part online to replace any that are faulty.

Get Automotive A/C Products for 2003 Ford Explorer Now!

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