2003 Ford Expedition

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About Ford

Ford Motor Company is a household name both in and outside the USA. Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, over the last one hundred years it has become one of the world’s most successful companies. Aside from the fact that it has manufactured and sold millions of automobiles, it has revolutionized the very process of car manufacture itself, establishing the framework that many other companies follow, even its rivals. Ford was the very first company to recognize the importance of assembly line mass production, and its mastery of this process allowed it to dominate the market and outright acquire other enterprises, such as Aston Martin, Jiangling Motors and Troller.

About 2003 Ford Expedition

The 2003 Ford Expedition is the second generation and is quite different from its predecessor. It has an independent suspension for the rear, superior handling and a third row seat that can be moved to provide greater cargo space. The bumper in front has been lowered to boost safety, and a security curtain has been added to reduce the likelihood of rollover. The electronics are advanced and designed to give drivers even greater control. The Ford Expedition is a full sized SUV that has 3 row seating similar to a minivan, but the designers wanted to discard the family friendly image in favor of a more rugged and outdoor vehicle. It has done well in this regard, as the Expedition has become one of the most popular SUVs in its class.

Common 2003 Ford Expedition A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported problems with the actuators. Two actuators can be found inside the dash while the other two are in the rear and work with the A/C. If the rear actuators break down they are not too difficult or costly to replace but the one near the side of the driver is not accessible unless the dash is completely pulled out which is both tedious and expensive. Other drivers have had problems with their overhead A/C, saying that it sounds as if the belt is broken and flapping around. Another issue that is been reported with the Ford Expedition is the air conditioning working normally while the vehicle is running, but powering down and not blowing out adequate air whenever the vehicle is idle.

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