2002 Ford Focus

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About Ford

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and over the last 100+ years the company has become a household name, both in and outside the United States. It was one of the first major car manufacturers to gain mastery of the assembly line which enabled it to capture significant global market share. Its first automobile, the Model T has been cited as one of the greatest engineering feats ever achieved, and Ford has continued experimenting with state of the art technology.

About 2002 Ford Focus

The 2002 edition of the Ford Focus is one of the company’s best-selling cars. It received praise for its affordable price tag and fun driving experience. It also received numerous federal accolades for its safety features, and would go on the capture the very prestigious European Care of the Year award, along with the North American Car of the Year. It comes in two variants, which are the SVT and ZX5 and can be purchased in sedan, hatchback or wagon form.

Common 2002 Ford Focus A/C Problems

One owner complained that after parking the car and attempting to turn up the A/C to levels three and four they noticed the vents weren’t blowing out air. Mechanics that inspected it discovered that the switch and pigtail actually melted. Others have stated that they needed to replace their ignition switch on two separate occasions because the key became stuck. The internal door for the defrost also sticks whenever it is in full mode and the cables have snapped which prevents the A/C from working.

Others have reported HVAC issues. Specifically, the controls would freeze in the cold air and A/C position, and whenever it rains the windshield and windows will fog up in a way that makes it difficult to see. Many of these issues were not resolved until a replacement part was ordered offline, as the problems were usually the result of an internal component that had gone bad, such as the compressor.

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