2002 Ford Explorer

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About Ford

Ford is a multinational corporation that was established in Dearborn, Michigan. It manufactures a variety of automobiles, such as SUVs, trucks and cars, which are sold both locally and worldwide. Ford is one of America’s best known automotive brands as it played a key role in the development of automobiles and has become so prosperous and prominent that it has been able to acquire significant stakes in other companies, such as Aston Martin and Troller. Ford is best known for its contributions to mass production and the development of assembly line manufacture.

About 2002 Ford Explorer

The 2002 Ford Explorer surpasses its predecessors in a number of ways. The frame has been updated with the addition of a rear suspension which is independent. The overhead cam engines have been enhanced, which results in faster performance. The most noticeable difference however is the three row seating, which allows the Explorer to a carry a maximum of 7 passengers. The track is wider and the wheelbase has been extended.

Visually, the SUV looks similar to older editions. It combines the comfort that a sport utility vehicle should have with the functionality of a pickup truck. This is one of the reasons why the Ford Explorer became America’s top selling SUV. It’s excellent design combined with its affordability, quiet and comfortable interior and handling make it an ideal family vehicle.

Common 2002 Ford Explorer A/C Problems

A number of issues have been reported with the air conditioning in the 2002 Ford Explorer. One driver stated that while driving the vehicle the air conditioning suddenly stopped working. They said they could hear the compressor and coolant functioning, but the fan blower would not work on levels one, two and three, although level four worked normally. A howling noise was also reported from the back while accelerating the vehicle or hard shifting and when investigated it was discovered that the A/C problem was the result of a resistor which had become faulty. Other issues have been reported with the power windows, rear bearings and the door panel in back, which cracked.

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