2002 Ford Escape

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About Ford

Ford is one of the biggest names in the automobile business, both in the USA and abroad. This is because the company was opened in 1903 and was one of the earliest to capitalize on the car industry and the production and marketing techniques necessary for mass distribution. Ford has been so successful in this regard that many car companies around the world, including their rivals, look to them for leadership, borrowing many of Ford’s design principles and concepts.

About 2002 Ford Escape

The 2002 edition of the Ford Escape provides much greater agility than previous generations, performing well both on paved and unpaved streets. It offers a smooth driving experience with potent acceleration which is the result of its V6 engine, which is optional. The Escape seats a maximum of four passengers and has rear seats that can be folded down which opens up a cargo area for luggage that is moderate in size. All this combined with its affordability made it one of the best SUVs of the time.

Common 2002 Ford Escape A/C Problems

Some drivers have complained that the A/C in their 2002 Ford Escape keeps failing. To resolve the issue, they purchased recharge kits in a local store, but this only fixed the issue temporarily, as the problem returned in about a year. These same owners said that the alternator failed as well. Others have said that the Ford Escape blows out air which is very hot intermittenly, as if the heater is turned on. They took the car to a mechanic to have a look at it and it was necessary to replace the compressor multiple times, along with the orifice tube, clutch switch and the condenser. The problem was fixed, but only temporarily as before, and the A/C would work well at certain times but would falter periodically. Some experts have concluded that the root of the problem is the door for the blend air, which is responsible for determining whether the A/C produces cold or hot air, and once this component is repaired or replaced; the A/C system begins working normally.

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