2001 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

The multinational corporation known as Ford is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan and specializes in the production and distribution of a wide variety of automobiles, including cars, trucks and SUVs. Some of these vehicles are designed for domestic use while others are made for commercial purposes. In 1903 the company was incorporated and played a pioneering role in the mass production of cars, and has since become so influential that it has purchased stakes or outright ownership in many other car companies, from Jiangling Motors to Aston Martin.

About 2001 Ford Taurus

Although the 2001 Ford Taurus is less outré than previous editions, it still maintains a sleek, stylish and modern look which laid the foundation for Ford’s future. It is a practical vehicle which is perfect for the working and middle class, with power trains that provide a potent response. It is smooth and comfortable to handle, making it an ideal vehicle for drivers of all ages, and the cabin is comfortable, with materials and switchgear that look and work wonderfully.

Common 2001 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

A major problem that has been reported in the 2001 edition of the Ford Taurus is the A/C unit becoming blocked. Drivers stated that the problem started shortly after they replaced their clutch and A/C compressor. Although the air conditioning would operate normally whenever the RPMs (rounds per minutes) were changing continually, after about thirty to forty five minutes, when the RPMs become constant, the A/C will behave as if a blockage has occurred.

The blower will continue operating and the air will try to push out the vents, but something can be heard blocking it which comes from either the passenger or dashboard side. Many of the mechanics who have inspected cars with this issue have stated that everything appears to work normally, with no leaks being present, but given the fact that it starts after the clutch and compressor were replaced, it likely means that the new components were faulty. This is why it is so important to buy high quality parts online from a dealer that is reputable.

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