2000 Ford Taurus

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About Ford

Ford Motor Company is a household name in the United States, and for good reason. Since 1903 it has sold millions of vehicles both domestically and internationally, and made its name with the introduction of the Model T. Henry Ford, the founder of the company, recognized the importance of assembly line manufacturing early on and was able to capitalize on the technology to capture significant market share. Today Ford maintains alliances with other carmakers and in some cases has acquired them outright, such as Aston Martin.

About 2000 Ford Taurus

The 2000 edition of the Ford Taurus is the company’s fourth generation and is a departure from the style seen in the previous model. Unlike the third generation, which prioritized ovals, the 2000 Ford Taurus is far sleeker. The power trains were upgraded to give drivers a more vigorous response, and the handling, which is comfortable as always, was calibrated to deliver a crispness that is typically only seen in sports cars. The cabin is both functional as well as attractive, and the controls are easy to access and use. The materials and texture have an upmarket look and buyers that pay extra get leather seating.

Common 2000 Ford Taurus A/C Problems

Some drivers have complained that the air conditioning in their Ford Taurus only blows out hot air, even when the settings are switched to max air or normal.  The system usually gives no warning, and was working correctly previously. The owners investigated the problem by inspecting its refrigerant lines (which are inside the compartment of the engine) while the A/C was running, and discovered that the lines are sweating and unusually frigid. The system will emit air that is hot rather than the ambient temperature that is outside the vehicle, almost like the heater is running. Technicians who reviewed the car concluded that the mode or temp door was not properly moving to the right position within the duct work of heater. The solution was to avoid using automatic temperature systems and to replace any components that had worn out.

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