Understanding The Role Of An A/C Compressor In Your Car

AC copressor isolatet on white

The air conditioning system is one of the most innovative things humans came up with over the years. Nowadays we can all enjoy the benefits of air conditioning, no matter if we are at home, traveling by car, train, or plane.

Thanks to A/C, people can travel all over within their cars, under torrid circumstances, just enjoying the view. Let us now get to the main point of this article: What are the roles of an A/C compressor in a car?

The Way the Air Compressor Cools Down the Car

The most important element of an A/C is the air compressor. From the moment you are activating the A/C button, the air compressor starts its magic process. The A/C compressor in a car works in multiple steps, known as the thermodynamic process which removes the hot gasses found in the humid air.

Once the A/C is on, the air compressor will start compressing and increasing the temperatures of the refrigerant agent. Then, the refrigerant will circulate through the condenser where finally the heat gets lost. During the third step, the refrigerant will be purified from different contaminants and released of its pressure once it gets through the expansion valve. In the end, the refrigerant will be blown through an evaporator installed in the dashboard. The result should consist of cold, odorless air.

The Lifespan of an Air Compressor

Air compressors are durable parts, but some factors may affect their performance. You should always consider the age of the car. The older it is, the more stress you’ve put on the air compressor over time, even more so since the A/C process is triggered by the drive belt.

On the other hand, the A/C may break down because of inactivity during cold months. As with other things, whatever you kept idle for too long will affect its performance in time. Specialists recommend keeping the A/C on for 10 minutes at least once a month during winter.

When Is the Right Time for A/C Maintenance?

Usually, air conditioning systems are meant to last for a prolonged period. Not all of them need much maintenance. However, there are cases when a recharge is needed or the air compressor needs to be replaced. You`ll know something is wrong when the air from the vents is either warm or when the A/C does not have enough power. The best is to ask for help from a professional for maintenance or parts replacement.

The Fuel Powering the A/C

The fuel powering the A/C is the refrigerant. If your air conditioning does not deliver cold, refreshing air, then you should check the refrigerant levels and fill in if the case requires it. The refrigerant is what makes hot air turn into cold air. If the refrigerant is not the cause, contact a shop nearby.

The A/C has become paramount for many of us along the way and the reason does not require explanation. Maintaining its parts for longer can save you from unnecessary costs. If a fix or maintenance is required, talk with one of our specialists from R & Y A/C Compressors® for best results.