Tips To Achieve Maximum Cooling from Your Car A/C

Left hand adjusting a temperature control knob of the car's air conditioning system

The air conditioning is a paramount part of your car during hot summer days. Having it perform at its best will increase your well-being and reduce stress due to high temperatures. The air conditioning works best when you drive the car. Specialists recommend turning on the A/C, at the same time opening the windows of the car so the hot air accumulated inside will be able to get out of the car and lower the humidity. For more hot tips on this topic, keep reading to learn how to generate maximum cooling from car A/C.

Disable the Auto On/Off Function

If you happen to have a car with the new on/off system for starting the engine, you may consider switching off this function during summer days. Many cars with a start/stop system have the A/C compressor connected with the engine. When the engine stops, your A/C will stop as well. This function may affect the overall temperature in your car, especially when you are stuck in heavy traffic.

Disable the Recirculating Option

This is an option, especially when there are passengers in the back seats as well. The recirculation process is similar to recycling. The air from the front part of the cabin gets back in the system creating cooler air coming in, but this also reduces the power of cooling the air in the whole space of the car. Therefore, make sure that you disable your vehicle’s recirculating option if you want to obtain maximum cooling from the air conditioning system.

Make Sure the Cabin Filter Is Clean

The cabin filter is an essential part of the air conditioning system. It prevents pollutants like dirt, pollen, or dust from making their way through your air conditioning or hot vents. Despite that, if the air filters get clogged, they will block the air from coming through. Whenever you smell bad odors or notice that the power is not at its best, check and replace the filters. Make sure you will follow the instructions found in the manufacturer’s manual.

Let the Automatic Climate Control System Do Its Job

The climate control system is a complex system, consisting of multiple small components which collaborate in maintaining the environmental air as comfortable as it can be. The climate control system offers a premium experience for the driver and passengers as everything you have to do is to just set the temperature that you seek and the system will do the job for you. This is especially beneficial when the temperature is volatile, you will just have to set the temperature you are comfortable with and enjoy driving.

We all want to enjoy more of our products and services for longer. The A/C is one of the best modern products we use in our cars and it is in our interest to enjoy its benefits as much as possible. Contact our specialists today, they are here to answer all your questions on how to maintain, replace, and choose air conditioning systems.