Tips The Correct Way To Add Oil To A Car A/C Compressor


You may need to add oil to your vehicle’s air conditioning system if you have installed a new A/C compressor or if it stopped operating after receiving a freon recharge. If you can’t get your hands on a reclaimer machine, which you need to remove the freon from the air conditioning system, take your car to a qualified repair.

Before you remove the A/C compressor, if you are mechanically-inclined and have access to a reclaimer machine, collect the freon to release pressure and stop it from escaping into the atmosphere, which is both dangerous to the environment and prohibited in many regions. The compressor can then be taken off, the oil drained, refilled, and mounted back onto your car so that you can use the reclaimer machine to recharge the freon.

The article explores tips to add oil to a car A/C compressor.

Removing the A/C Compressor

You may find your A/C compressor by opening the hood and looking on the left side, close to the front of the car. Find a silver metal cylinder that has wiring, tubes, and belts attached to it. If there are any huge hoses blocking your view of the compressor, look behind them.

If you’re having trouble finding your A/C compressor, you can locate it by consulting your owner’s manual or doing an online search for your car’s make and model.

Make sure the parking brake is engaged and that the car is parked on level ground.

If you remove the compressor while the engine is running, you may risk shocking yourself.

Jack Up Your Vehicle and Remove the Tire Near the Compressor

In order to remove the tire close to the compressor, jack up your car. Put a car jack underneath the jack point on the car’s frame, close to the front tire. To reveal the A/C compressor, use a tire iron to remove the tire and place it away.

The compressor’s protective cover in the engine should be visible above the tire well.

Before you operate beneath the vehicle, secure it with wheel blocks and set jack stands underneath it.

Take Off the Protective Covering by Removing the Mounting Bolts

By removing the mounting bolts, you can remove the protective covering. To remove the mounting bolts from the cover of the A/C compressor, use a socket wrench. Remove the vehicle’s covering and lay it away to later replace it.

To ensure that none of the bolts are lost, keep them all together in a plastic bag.

Loosen The Nut on the Belt and Slide the Belt Off of the Compressor

Slide the belt off of the compressor by loosening the nut on it. You can see a belt and pulley system on the compressor. To enable you to remove the belt, use a wrench to loosen the nut from the pulley system. To make it easier for you to tighten it later, keep the nut on the pulley in place.