Tips For Maintaining Your Car Air Conditioning System

Male mechanic checks engine

Summer is just around the corner and many of you are probably excited about its arrival. Today’s article will be centered on maintaining car air conditioning at its best so you can enjoy more of your summer. Sunny days are a blessing, but sometimes heat may create a huge discomfort. This is why whether you are traveling by public transportation or private car, you want your air conditioning to do the job for you. As there is not much time for those hot days to come, you may want to check your air conditioning system and maintain or replace possible issues that may appear along the way. Keep reading to get some hot tips for your A/C.

Use the A/C Often

In the same way other appliances or machinery get broken because of their lack of use, the air conditioning will not be an exception. It is important to let it run for almost 10 minutes every week, even when the season does not require it. In this way, you will avoid drying out the system.

Running the A/C frequently will keep the seals lubricated so your freon can function at its best, without leaks because of drying. Also, you will avoid fungus accumulation which eventually transforms into bad odors and bacteria releases.

Run the Defrost Mode for 10 Minutes

One of the signs showing that the defrost mode should be activated is the foggy windshield. Even though it works as a temporary fix, the defrost mode evaporates the moisture by releasing the warm air.

The process consists of 5 stages that you should follow which should not exceed minutes. The first thing should be to turn on the front defogger and also in case you have it, turn on the defroster of the rear windshield as well. Then, you should put on the fan on a high level, set a high temperature, and turn on the air conditioning while turning off the recirculated air function.

Clean the Air Filters Often

The air filters are manufactured from multi-fiber cotton or other paper-based materials. Their role is to filter the air coming from the outside in order to avoid different materials entering the cabin and affecting the breathing of the travelers or damaging the system. Even though usually the recommended way to go is to replace it, you can clean it from time to time with a mixture of warm water and soft liquid detergent. All you have to do is to clean the filters but avoid brushing or scrubbing since this will affect the texture. Let it dry and mount it back.

Let the Pros Do a Thorough Inspection

Even though you may think that there is no reason for a professional inspection of the air filters, you should arrange for one at least once per year so you can make sure that it operates as it should be and that you breathe the best air possible in the cabin.

Having an A/C is like a blessing, especially during hot summer days or in certain environments. You should consider taking care of it and maintaining it for as long as possible. Contact one of our A/C specialists today from R & Y A/C Compressors® either for advice, maintenance, or replacement.