Tips For Buying A Quality Car A/C Compressor

Tips For Buying A Quality Car A/C Compressor

The car A/C compressor is the heart of your automobile’s air conditioning system, and most drivers don’t think much about it until their A/C stops working. Below are some tips for ensuring the replacement compressor you buy is high in quality.

How Does The Compressor Function?

The air conditioning compressor is tasked with cooling down air which traverses the vehicle’s cabin. It is considered the core A/C component and without it, the system will quickly become inoperable. It initiates cooling by pumping a combination of Freon and specialized oil within the system. It works in conjunction with other components, such as the condenser to do its job.

Get The Right Information on Your Vehicle

To ensure you purchase the right compressor for your vehicle, there is specific information you’ll need. Aside from the make, model and year, you’ll also need to know the production date. This info is crucial since manufacturers frequently switch parts for various model years and occasionally within a single year. The production date is the exact day that the vehicle was assembled at the factory, and can sometimes be found within the vehicle’s door jam.

Select The Proper Oil

Different compressors use specific types of oil, so it is critical to make sure you use the right one, otherwise, it could cause problems. You’ll need to check with the manufacturer of your specific compressor to find out which type of oil it uses and then purchase it.

Installation And Labor Fees

Aside from the cost of the compressor itself, you’ll need to factor in labor fees if you plan to hire a mechanic to perform repairs and install it. The exact charges will vary based on the vehicle you own along with the mechanic, but generally speaking, you can expect to pay three figures if you live in a major metropolitan area.

If you own a classic or vintage vehicle, there is a possibility that it didn’t originally ship with an A/C unit from the factory. In this scenario, you’ll want to speak with an automobile A/C technician about the possibility of integrating air conditioning into the vehicle. Because the vehicle wasn’t originally designed to house an A/C system, this can be a costly project.

The Warranty

Getting a warranty is a good idea in case something goes wrong, but they will often increase the price of the compressor slightly. Most warranties last for about twelve months and some have stipulations that you must also replace your drier/accumulator in addition to the compressor, along with additional installation guidelines. There are also extended warranties that last longer than a year.

Choose A Reputable Supplier

Always choose an A/C parts supplier you trust. They should be someone who’s been in business for years, preferably decades, and has an impeccable track record of providing high-quality components at reasonable prices. Whether the parts they sell are remanufactured or brand new, they should have a fast and reliable shipping system that can get the components to you anywhere in the country within an expedited timespan.