The Explanations For Rattling Noise From Your Car A/C


Drivers will start using their air conditioners for the first time in months as springtime approaches and the temperature begins to increase. When we use a system again after a long gap, we could occasionally hear unusual noises or have problems.  Is the air conditioning in your automobile producing noise? It is frequently possible to locate the precise element or area of your air conditioning system that is malfunctioning by paying attention to the type of noise it is making.

The article explores 3 typical issues that could be causing the air conditioner in your car to shake, resulting in a rattling noise from car A/C.

Failing A/C Compressor

A failing A/C compressor is a common reason for rattling noises coming from your car. Intense pressure must be applied to the refrigerant before it can be fed into the condenser, which is what makes your air conditioner blow cool air. The A/C compressor’s function is to do this. Over time, the A/C compressor may wear out and need to be replaced.

Worn Serpentine Belt

Many of your car’s equipment, including the air conditioner, alternator, power steering pump, air pump, and more, are connected by a serpentine belt. As the belt ages, it may lose tension and start to make rattling or squeaking noises. Locate the serpentine belt and check it for any wear. If the serpentine belt is worn, it is highly likely that you have found the cause of the rattling noise.

Bad Idler Pulley

The different engine drive belts that are connected to and tensioned in conjunction with the engine of your car are guided and connected by idler pulleys. Your serpentine belt, which transmits engine power to the air conditioner, may therefore be in good shape, but the idler pulley it is connected to might need to be changed. Replacement pulleys are likely required for high mileage automobiles, but this is a relatively simple fix.

Additional Tips

Often, an A/C compressor or other system component with insecure or damaged mounts is the source of rattling, moaning, or knocking noises. Sometimes the sound may come and disappear. Know what to check for and how to fix it so you won’t have to put up with broken components or bothersome noises in your automobile. Driving will be more fun and your car will last longer if you know what it requires and take care of it.

Examine of the compressor mounts and if necessary, tighten the mounting bolts or swap out the mounts.

The compressor itself may make rattling or knocking noises. The noise might get louder as you go faster. This indicates that the noise is being caused by a malfunctioning part, and the compressor has to be examined. The compressor is often replaced with a new or rebuilt one.

Drive belts should also be examined for wear or damage and replaced as necessary.

Other typical causes of A/C rattling noises include:

  • Bearings for compressor pulleys
  • Blown-up air
  • Pressurized clutch