The Danger Of A Failing A/C Compressor Relay

The Danger Of A Failing AC Compressor Relay

Automobiles – you can’t live with them and can’t live without them. You need them to get to work, to the store, to take the kids to soccer, and so much more. Unfortunately, they can also cause you a lot of headaches with all the repairs they need on a frequent basis. Even new cars can have something go wrong with them every now and then.

The older your car, the more repairs you probably end up doing every year. Sometimes, to avoid the cost of repairs, people simply let the problem go. They ignore it. For example, if an A/C compressor relay goes bad, they just live without cool air. They’re hot, they’re sweaty, they’re uncomfortable – but they won’t pay for a repair. That’s a bit crazy when you consider that this is one of the less expensive repairs you may face, compared to changing out a transmission, a valve job, etc. It’s also easy to do by yourself if you feel comfortable with repairs and have even a little automotive knowledge.

Still, others have come up with an imaginative way to get around certain repairs, so to speak. One such method is to bypass an A/C compressor relay if it presents a problem. We cannot stress enough how bad that idea is!

Never Bypass an A/C Compressor Relay

Just mentioning the fact that a relay can be bypassed probably isn’t the best idea, but it needs to be addressed because the consequences of doing so aren’t something you want to have to deal with.

If you’ve determined that your vehicle’s A/C compressor is bad, just switch it out or have someone else switch it out for you. It’s just not that hard or that expensive. Don’t bypass it! Here’s why.

Bypassing the A/C compressor relay in your car can cause more harm than good. Compared to the minimal price it would cost to replace the relay, you could end up with an exorbitant repair cost because you end up having to replace the entire compressor. Now you’re talking big bucks!

Can You Drive Your Car Without a Functional A/C Compressor Relay?

The answer to that question pretty much depends on you, your passengers, your pets, and anything/anyone else you carry in your vehicle. If you don’t mind being exceptionally hot during the summer months, and you don’t feel like you need to use your air conditioning system, you can drive without a relay. No relay means no air conditioning. It’s that simple.

Looking for an A/C Compressor Relay?

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