The Average Cost To Fix Car A/Cs

The Average Cost To Fix A Car AC

When it comes to heating and cooling your car, you can’t beat the A/C system‘s heater and air conditioner. As with any other electrical or mechanical component, this system may develop a fault or break down at any time. Compressors, condensers, sensors, or hoses that have to be replaced frequently, results in higher costs. Even without replacing any components, the cost of your repair could still reach several hundred dollars. The following article contains various possible faults and their respective repair costs. If you’re wondering what the average cost to fix car A/Cs would be, take a moment to read on!

Cost factor 1:  Evaporator Coil Corroded

A dirty evaporator coil can cause an air conditioner to malfunction. As a result of debris or dirt being lodged in the air conditioning system’s components over time, they become rusted or corroded, ultimately creating pathways for water to escape.

In most cases, repairing an evaporator coil is not possible, since it is best to replace the entire unit. According to estimates, you can expect to pay between $600 and $2,000 for a replacement, depending on your vehicle’s brand.

Cost factor 2: Faulty Compressor

Air conditioning systems rely on the compressor for proper airflow into the cabin. When the A/C suddenly fails to provide cool air, it is probably due to a malfunctioning compressor.

Occasionally, a component may cause your air conditioner to make inconsistent noises. It would be best to replace the compressor if this is your experience.

Costs for A/C compressor replacement range from $100 – $300, while labor costs range from $300 – $800.

Cost factor 3: Broken Condensation Drain Pan

Condensation drain pans are designed to collect water dripping from the evaporator coil of an air conditioner. By channeling the moisture to the drainage line, it prevents water from leaking into the A/C.

It is inevitable that components wear out with time, especially when they are used often. It is also possible for a component to be damaged or broken as a result of an accident. Consequently, the air conditioning system will leak water through the component.

Condensation pans cost between $200 and $600 to replace when broken. The price of a condensate pan depends on the type of material used, as well as the type of condensate pan you choose.

Cost factor 4: Faulty A/C Motor

When an A/C fan motor malfunctions, hot air cannot be expelled appropriately, resulting in a loud buzzing or humming sound. Parts for component replacement range from $50 to $100, and labor costs $80 to $100.

Cost factor 5: An Obstructed Condensation Drain Pipe

This component will become clogged with dirt or debris, preventing the water from flowing outside the car, which will result in the reverse flow of water. It costs about $75 to $250 to replace a clogged condensation line.

Fix Your Car A/C at Minimal Cost

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