Steps To Change The A/C Evaporator

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You may find it necessary to replace your A/C evaporator, but you should be forewarned that it is not a simple task, and can take from six to eight hours to complete even for a technician who is experienced.

Why Many Drivers Choose to Change Their Own Evaporator

Despite the labor and time needed to perform an evaporator replacement, many vehicle owners are content to do it themselves. Perhaps they love tinkering around with cars and have ample time on their hands, or perhaps they don’t want to pay the high cost which comes from hiring a professional, which can range from $90 to over $100 per hour. Regardless, it will be necessary to evacuate then refill the refrigerant even after the main task is complete.

Steps for Evaporator Removal And Replacement

  • Find the evaporator: You’ll need to refer to the manual that came with your vehicle. If you purchased it used and the previous owner didn’t include it, the manual should be available for download online.
  • Flush the system: Completely flush the system coolant then put the liquid inside a specialized recycling container. The refrigerant has to be discharged prior to evaporator removal since it’s hazardous to extract parts while the refrigerant is still present.
  • Extract your liquid lining connection: This is the connection that attaches to your evaporator. Once you’ve extracted it, you’ll next need to remove the core heater hoses. Once this is done, remove both the heating and A/C unit which are beneath your dashboard, which is usually underneath the vehicle’s instrument panel.
  • Remove the screws and evaporator: Once you turn the component over you’ll notice screws that keep it together. You’ll need to extract them, and then remove the central adapter duct with its screws. Turn over the unit once again and extract its upper housing half, then you can access and extract the evaporator itself.
  • Inspect for damage: Checking for damage in the housing which contains the evaporator is extremely important. Look for things such as wear or cracks, and verify that no housing pieces are missing. If there are, be sure to replace them.
  • Replace your evaporator: Finally, install the replacement evaporator by doing each previous step in reverse, and be sure to fill up the system with adequate coolant.

Why Do Evaporators Malfunction?

Evaporators malfunction for all sorts of reasons. For instance, sometimes the coils will freeze and disrupt the A/C’s cooling capacity. The refrigerant inside the coils must absorb heat via the air, but should an ice film cover the coils this will insulate its refrigerant from heat, leading to freezing.

Another common problem is refrigerant leakage. Air conditioning systems use blowers that push warm air along an evaporator’s coil. The coil contains tubes that retain refrigerant in a liquid state. When warm air moves along the coil, the refrigerant will then absorb heat while cooling down the vehicle. However, when leakage occurs the refrigerant can’t absorb sufficient heat, which results in A/C inefficiency. The accumulation of debris and grime along the coils will also insulate them from surrounding air which prevents them from absorbing heat and cooling.

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