Spotting A Leak In Your Car’s A/C

Check car air conditioning system refrigerant recharge

When there’s a leak in your car’s A/C, this can cause hot air to come out of the vents instead of cold air. Needless to say, this can be especially challenging when the weather is hot out and everyone is trapped in a stuffy cabin! Thankfully, there are a few ways you can spot a leak in your car’s A/C system and resolve the issue before it gets dire. Read on to find out more!

Understanding the Role of Refrigerant in Your Car’s A/C

Your car’s A/C system is made up of a few components: a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and numerous other parts. Refrigerant is a colorless and odorless substance that travels through your car’s A/C system, transforming between liquid and gaseous states throughout its journey. This substance is responsible for sucking in heat and releasing cool air through your A/C vents.

When a leak has occurred, this allows the refrigerant to escape your car’s A/C system. Due to its colorless and odorless properties, it’s not always obvious that a leak has occurred, particularly if the refrigerant is escaping as gas! The only solution when this happens is to give your A/C system a recharge.

Signs of a Leak

Below are some ways you can tell that your car’s A/C system has leaked:

  • Your Dashboard Notifies You of An Issue

This may not be applicable to every car out there, but you can find out if a warning light will be triggered on your dashboard by A/C problems in your owner’s manual. If so, this warning light is your biggest signal that something needs to be done!

  • Your Car’s A/C Is Releasing Hot Air

There’s no question about it: your car’s A/C should be releasing cold air, not hot air. When you notice the opposite, this could indicate a leak. However, that’s not the only possible root cause. For instance, the problem could lie with a faulty condenser or compressor, which will need to be replaced.

  • There’s a Clicking Sound When Your Car’s A/C Is On

Have you noticed a loud switching sound that seems to turn on and off continuously when your car’s A/C is running? In some cases, this may be particularly obvious when you are standing outside your car while the A/C is on. This means that you have a short cycling A/C compressor, which can be caused by leaking refrigerant or other factors!

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