Volkswagen Passat

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About Volkswagen

For decades, Volkswagen has maintained a close relationship with Porsche, one which has provided numerous benefits to both corporations. For example, the Porsche 64, which was first introduced in 1938, utilized multiple Volkswagen Beetle components, and the same is true for the Porsche 356, which was introduced in 1948. Continued collaboration between the two automotive titans led to the Porsche 914-6 and VW-Porsche 914 respectively. More recently, the 2002 Porsche Cayenne shares the same chassis with the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg, and is even assembled in the same Bratislava factory which produces other SUVs.

By 2005 Porsche revealed that it would actually raise its existing Volkswagen stake to twenty percent, which at the time cost around 3 billion Euros. This was partly done to ensure that no foreign investors would ever be able to attempt a hostile takeover. Ultimately, Porsche would increase its stake further to 25.1 percent.

About Volkswagen Passat

The Passat was first introduced by Volkswagen in 1973, and is a large car that has appeared in eight generations so far. During 2008 the Passat CC was introduced, which is a coupe with four doors. Two variants are marketed worldwide, and the sedan designed for the North American market is assembled in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Passat NMS won the prestigious Car of the Year award from Motor Trend in 2012, and newer models incorporate the MQB platform.

The MQB is a modular automotive assembly platform which is geared towards transverse cars with front engines. To lower weight, materials like vacuum form type steel and aluminum is used. The eighth generation Volkswagen is considered an executive vehicle and offers numerous amenities with exceptional performance.

Common Volkswagen Passat A/C Problems

Shortly after purchasing a Volkswagen Passat, one driver noticed that when activating the A/C at high speed they detected noise which resembled that of a water heater. It was taken to a technician and A/C dye was added, which made the noise much lower, but by summer the A/C was no longer adequately cooling down the vehicle. Inspections revealed that the condenser was faulty, which prompted technicians to evacuate the entire air conditioning unit and then replace the condenser and recharge the A/C. Although the air conditioning worked normally the noise continued.

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