Volkswagen Jetta

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About Volkswagen

Like other major automobile manufacturers, Volkswagen has worldwide factories. These facilities are designed to assemble their vehicles mainly for local markets. Aside from the plants located in its native Germany, Volkswagen also has facilities in Spain, Poland, Kenya, Russia, the Czech Republic, the USA and Mexico. The efficiency of these factories has enabled Volkswagen to become one of the top twenty five biggest companies in the world according to Forbes.

About Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta is a car compact in size that has been manufactured by Volkswagen since 1979. Originally designed to fill the sedan niche beyond the Golf hatchback, it has been highly successful, appearing in seven generations so far. The Jetta comes in multiple configurations, including four and two doors sedan, five door wagon, and even estate variants. With each succeeding generation, the Jetta has also become more powerful performance wise. By 2014 it was estimated that more than fourteen million units had been sold, and the seventh generation premiered in 2018 during the North American Auto Show at Detroit.

The newest Jetta utilizes the MQB platform which also appears in the Volkswagen Atlas and Golf. The Mk7 is also bigger than most of its predecessors, with greater room and state of the art infotainment, along with smartphone compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The cabin’s ambient lighting is dazzling and comes in ten different colors which can be fully customized. The headlamps use Reflector LEDS while a panoramic sunroof has also been added. The sound system is designed by Beats Audio and uses multiple speakers.

Common Volkswagen Jetta A/C Problems

One driver encountered problems while their Jetta was running hot. Smoke was seen coming from the engine and when taken to a mechanic it was also discovered that the car was also leaking in front on the passenger side. It is believed that the A/C hose may be clogged and sometimes the air conditioning will vibrate the front radiator, especially when the vehicle is driven on a highway. When the A/C is deactivated the vibration will cease.

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